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Do they really like the cum on their face?

if you ask me this three years ago I would have said that they do not like to be cummed on their face, but since I started to interact with the hottest and most famous Pornstars in the adult entertainment industry, since I started to be a frequent member and visitor over at the studios where CherryPimps.com make their Live Porn Shows, I actually realized that the girls like it, yes of course there is a lot of money involved, but most of the girl that I have interviewed said that they enjoy getting facialed… Or whatever you want to call it LOL!


In my 25 years of life I have had sex with at least 90 different girls and I have had the opportunity to come on 15 is not less of the girls faces, I like doing it, but unfortunately not all of them like taking it, but that has nothing to do with what I want to talk about in this paragraph, what I want to talk about right here is about an Adult Affiliate Program therefore if you are not a webmaster you can leave right now LOL. On the other hand if you are a webmaster I am inviting you to take serious consideration in visiting the website that I have linked in this paragraph in order for you to double your income.

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Pornstars that Love taking a mans load on the face!

We all know that every one of the Pornstars that are famous always take a man’s load on their face or in their mouth, some do it because they have to do is, simply because it is a part of the show, it is a part of the porn video, it is a part of being a pornstar. But there is a percentage of those women that actually like it and that percentage is actually the majority.

facials pornstars
facials porn-stars

We asked 77 popular porn models if they liked eating cum or/and taking it on their face, 61% said they love it 36% say they don’t mind the remaining 3% claimed that they didn’t like it but they have to do it because it is obviously a part of the contract to have a guy shoots his load on their face or obviously in their mouth.

So when you see a porn video that ends with a girl getting splattered with hot cum on her face or you see her gargle with it, then you will know now that nearly every single one of them actually likes doing and they are not only doing it to make the viewers happy, basically for the majority of all the girls it is not a part of the show, it is something that they actually appreciate.

Giving a chick a facial for the first time is pretty fucking funny

I have assisted to a couple of porn videos, actually they were Live Porn Shows, where semi-professional pornstars were getting their first facial. And because it was live they really had to take it no matter what and pretend that they were enjoying it, and that’s why I said it was pretty funny watching, however from what I understand over the time just like all women even pornstars start to enjoy the fact of having hot and sticky cum all over the face.

facialfans pornstars

I noticed that even college chicks from all over the world are enjoying taking photographs of their first facials and posting them on social media not knowing that they will eventually end up on this Amateur Girl Pins websites that scrapes social media platforms from all over the world and pulled out all the most interesting photographs it can find and exposing the girls on their website.

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Live entertainment porn like you have never seen it before

I would like to thank the server administrators that actually grabbed this blog consultant to a new and improved server, I would like to also clobber them on the head with an axe because when they moved the blog they actually forgot to do a professional backup and therefore we lost so much data, data including incredibly interesting website and article that we talked about in the past such as this Live Porn video network that is kind of a new trend on the Internet today and millions of people from all over the world are enjoying the databases.

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Therefore my intentions today is to create a brief notes, where first of all I do apologize to all our readers for all this loss of data, but the same time I would like to provide both links leading to both of these Live Porn Shows websites that we mentioned in the past and so many of you have enjoyed and still are enjoying like millions of others.

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Welcome to the best Live Porn network ever seen on the internet

Quite frankly it is actually the best porn website on the Internet today, on all levels nothing comes close, it’s most probably because they have all the Hot Pornstars fucking live day in day out, this is stuff that happens even on a Saturday, these are two hour-long shows. Basically this is the best of that is ever happened to porn since the Internet was invented and made commercial in 1991.

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Tall Brunette Facialed On Her Knees

A hot and horny brunette shows up at the door and gives a smile while flashing her big tits. Are you going to let her in? Fuck yeah! And pound her silly too! That is how this XXX Reality Kings porn scene starts out. She struts her hot ass inside and gets naked. Holy shit that body is fantastic and she is so hungry for cock. I mean, the girl seems to be starving. Any good host would feed her his meat. She takes it. She gobbles it. She chokes that fat sausage down her throat and then takes it all into her excited pussy. She thrives on every thrust and loves washing her face in the cum that sprays her.


The best thing that has ever happened in the porn business…

It literally is, if you just take a few moments to look into it you will realize that one saying is accurate, this is not just the simple old Live Porn that everybody has been watching for the past decade, that overpriced and under quality WebCam experience that you have all been paying for. Things are changed, things have gotten a lot better quality in the video and audio has dramatically improved and the price has gone down at least three times less, however that only on one network.

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good thing about it is also is that they are the only ones that offer you Hot Pornstars fucking in their live shows, no one else can possibly achieve any of that and that’s why this is by far the most exciting adult entertainment experience that there is today on the web.

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Little Tits Blonde Takes A Big Glob To the Chin

If you aren’t yet familiar with the cum fiesta going on over at Reality Kings, then let this hot little blonde be your introduction. She knows when she shows up that rules mandate her to flash tits for entry. So she pulls down her top and proudly presents those itty bitty titties for approval. She struts on through the doorway, smiling. She then strips all of her clothes off and with her hot bod being totally naked, she makes herself busy sucking a big dick. She works it masterfully with her mouth at first but then switches positions so that her sweet pussy is doing the jizz juicing. She has such a pretty orgasm face. Just wait until you see it shot with a hot spray of cum!


Pornstars and live porn is the best you can ever imagine

I’m not here to talk about cumshots or facials or women taking a dudes load on their face, however on the Live Porn network that I want to talk about today(yes I know I have spoken about this many times in the past as well on this very blog), the famous pornstars that are the protagonists in these live shows also get splattered with hot and sticky cum always towards the end of the two hour live porn video. LOL, it’s funny I always laugh to myself I’m not sure if I make other people laugh as well, it might be that British blood that I have mixed up with my American Heritage that makes me not funny at all LOL.
But that has absolutely nothing to do with it, we’re here today to talk about the cutting edge of porn, we’re here to talk about life sex, we’re here to talk about famous adult models, famous pornstars, hot sluts fucking live on WebCam and this occurs basically every day, and every single day there is always a different and even hotter pornstar in these live shows masturbating, fucking and doing all sorts of things that a man desires.

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Don’t be mistaken when you read Live Porn Shows, these are real live pornstar videos, this is a porn video done by professionals, this is not what you have witnessed or paid for in the past, this is something practically brand-new, it is definitely a brand-new concept, and even if it is the real thing it costs at least four times less than what it did for you to watch the unknown girl use a dildo on her pussy, and we all know that you were never satisfied in what you paid for in advance time after time.

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Things have changed now, well at least they have on one level as there is a new Live Porn network out there that actually provides live WebCam porn with famous adult models. I could be here all day trying to convince you if I wanted to what an amazing product this is, but I don’t need to do that, I don’t need to spend pages and pages of text, there is no need as it is an incredible product and all you have to do from here is stopped reading and click on one of the links that I provided in this blog posole that you can verify everything that I have said is absolutely accurate.

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